Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 12: Saturday August 17, 2013

 We slept in a little today and had breakfast again on the bottom floor of the hotel. More bread of course. Then we took off to spend the day in Tübingen, a nearby university town. When we arrived, we walked around the streets and looked inside a few of the churches. After that we walked through a large park with some gardens and then went back towards the Neckar river. When there, Opa stayed behind and the rest of us went on a little paddle-boat around the river. Sara and dad did the paddling, and it was pretty hard work for them. We stayed to relax on the river for a half hour or so.
There wasn't much to do in Tübingen, so we drove around the university for a few minutes before leaving. The university there is pretty famous, so Sara was trying to convince me to take an admissions packet. She just wants me going far away. 
So we left Tübingen to head back to Mossingen to chill for a while. After doing that for a few hours, we got gas and went for dinner at the restaurant where dad and I got a beer last night. It was very, very good. I got turkey schnitzel with fries and a salad. Everyone really enjoyed their meals. I also got two beers. It was a productive day.

Beers of the day: Fischer's Pilsener

                           Fischer's Hefeweizen

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