Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 10: Thursday August 15, 2013

I'll apologize in advance for this short post, but I promise it isn't my fault. We left Otterberg in the morning to meet friends in Baden-Baden. Baden-Baden is an old spa town that was popular for its casinos. Dostoevsky famously lost thousands at the casinos in Baden-Baden, and even wrote a book about it called The Gambler. The town has a really old feel to it. It's very 19th century, very Gone with the Wind. It was, as my grandfather described it, like being in a time warp. So we met our friends there and had a nice lunch right next to the old casino. After walking through some of the old parks and gardens, we went back to our car to make our way to Mössingen, a town right near Hechingen, where my great-grandmother was from.
When we got in the car, the GPS had us arriving in Mössingen at about 5:30 PM. Well, not exactly. After getting on the Autobahn, famous for being the fastest expressway in the world, we got stuck in seven hours of standstill traffic, the worst any of us had ever been in. There were parts when nobody was moving an inch. People were getting out of their cars to smoke. It was insane. Hours later, when we finally passed the standstill, the GPS took us off the Autobahn for an hour, making the trip even longer. Just before we got back on the Autobahn to finally get to Mössingen, we found a McDonald's to get something to eat. McDonald's had never looked better to us. An hour later, we arrived in Mössingen and crashed.

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